“Blicero” Andrew Revell

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 18.38.33“I never start with a theme, or story when I make an artwork, I am not an illustrator, preferring to get lost in the moment like improvising on an instrument, if the work is successful it will speak and be suggestive or else not make the cut. Titles choose themselves when the work is done, quickly with intuition, invariably from my own library – the novels, poems and music that inform and celebrate my “being in the world” or harbour the worlds of my escape.
Sculpture is an art of “doing” the naming of a work a reflection of the mood within the making.

For these two artworks navigating a library’s shelves may shine dark light upon decadent horrors of Pynchon’s sadistic Captain Blicero or find flickering warmth and solace in a Heaney shipping sonnet”
Below is a video of the artist making the sculpture

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