Steve Wright: ‘Medusa Inverted: ‘

Steve Wright

‘Medusa Inverted’

Inspired by the basement space with its weird mustard-coloured wall panels, I’ve made two drawings. These depict two Roman heads of the gorgon Medusa that were re-used in the construction of another underground space; the Roman cistern in Istanbul. One is upside-down, the other on its side, both reduced to the status of supports for columns.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI conceived and made these drawings upside-down: I wanted the paper to scroll down onto the floor, emphasising the downward pull of gravity. This meant having excess paper at the top of the drawing, falling down the back of the easel. I wanted drips to pour down the paper so that they would appear to run upwards when the drawings were installed. They also allude to Medusa’s eventual decapitation by Perseus.

Steve Wright

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