Opening Night Musical Performance

‘You Call that Music!?!’

No… not the belligerent cry from audience members but the theme of a piece played by the in-house band of ‘Unkant Publishing’: ‘The AMM All Stars’ at the Opening Night of Morley College at Holborn Library

Played on a mixture of ‘proper’ and found instruments and called Rough Music Rhyme Time’ the band called on you to create an improvised “you call that music!” music.

Participants were  encouraged to respond and improvise with drawings and mark making fun to create a visual cacophony tackling art, class and the old cleavage; digging out un-buried fossil fragments of our fracking futures past. So get thee knee deep in musical mud, in the land of lost socks and join in to tell ‘em how it is.

Some got rather meditative with the whole affair: eyes closed and pencils flashing or moving and turning in slow lugubrious circles some just giggled and joined in for fun and childish pleasure. The band played on!!

Band members:

Peter Baxter, Out to Lunch (Ben Watson), Paul Shearsmith, Dave Black and Helen Tate, Len Massey.

Listen Below!

See pictures below:

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